Welcome to my real World – The Aesthetic Mum.

Why did i start this blog? Someone even asked me – do you have time Malini?

I’m 31 years old – a wife,a mother to my 14 month old daughter, working as a full time doctor, doing my Master of Science in Aesthetic Medicine,Anti-Aging & Regenerative Medicine , and obviously the ‘Home-Manager’.

Do i look like i have time for a blog? Nope i don’t think so.

But I’ll make the time , and I’ll tell you why.

Being a doctor, you’ll realize you develop a skill to take care of others better than you take care of yourself. They always say – A doctor is the worst patient to get in your clinic. I wouldn’t deny that. You tend to think of yourself as Superman , or even Iron-man at times. Just because we’re doctors obviously! DUH.

In the early days, when i was unmarried & oozing with freedom , all that mattered was ‘Myself” ! I would get up in the mornings, go to work , come home after a long day , have a nice long shower, and  by than there would be dinner ready on the table (prepared by our Sri Lankan helper) . So even if i had to play my role as a doctor , i know i had my ‘ME’ time when i got home.

Obviously things changed when i got married , and i eventually became the ‘Sri Lankan helper’ after working hours. I just got married, and i already had a 30 plus  year old baby to take care at home. I’m not complaining, cause obviously i love being a wife. But my point here is – when you’re a doctor & a wife , you tend to neglect yourself a lot. Only because you ‘think’ you’re fine , and obviously you can take care of everything.


After one year of marriage , we got pregnant. It was the best news we got,as we were obviously waiting to start a family. Nothing else mattered , and I being a typical ‘new preggy’ went into healthy eating mode and regular swimming to keep myself fit for my pregnancy. At 2 months of my pregnancy, that was when all the fun started, and it only ended the day i delivered. I had severe morning sickness , and was living on just fruits and soya-bean drinks till my 5th month. By than i realized , i had to stuff the meat & veggies into me , even if i knew it was definitely gonna come out in an hour. It was the worst time ever – and it tested my patience and strength in every way possible. I use to vomit every 3-5 hours for the entire 9 months , i was not allowed to drive, i didn’t even have any cravings-cause i hated food ,and the sleepless nights i had every day.That was not all of it,at 8 months I developed sudden syncopal attacks – so again i was on strict ‘rest only’ mode. Yes i was a very grumpy pregnant lady , and a very unhappy one too. Yes I’m ashamed to say it , but i know I’m not the only lady who has gone through all this before. So all this would explain the 21kgs i put on during my pregnancy! Yes you heard right – 21KGs !

When the time came,and my 9 months was about to end – i knew the journey was only gonna start NOW. I was all prepared for normal delivery, and had even attended my ‘breathing’ classes for labor. Unfortunately after 10 hours of labor, my CTG started showing a distressful pattern & I started having a spiking temperature of 39degrees. My worst fear came true – and i was pushed in for a Emergency Caesarean section due to fetal distress. I finally saw my Angel at 12.30am when i got back to my labor suit.(Obviously cause intra-operatively was another whole story all together!)

She was definitely God sent , and words can not explain it when you suddenly realize you’re a Mother. A mother to the most gorgeous Angel.

_AKS1115 (1)

Now was when the challenges begin. I was a first-time mum , but i had to pretend like i already had 5 children on board. Every single thing i learned was from books, Internet and my self-instinct. Why?? Cause i did all this alone with no help. For my husband , parenthood was ‘Greek’ to him. And I obviously being me – knew i had everything in control! I had books and books on parenting & being a new mum , and Google.com was my new best friend! There were nights when I cried and cried , only because I didn’t know what to do, and wondered if I was doing the right thing for this little Angel. Am i a good mum? – Only my Angel can tell me that when the right time comes.

After 1 year of Mummy-hood , all i can say is – I love being a Mother! I have learned so much , and I’ve learned it all from experience. Today i am a proud Wife & Mother – because i worked really hard for it, and i did it all myself! Not to forget, I’ve also managed to loose 23kgs (the 21kgs i put on during my pregnancy + another 2kgs for the heck of it)  And after 4 years , I’ve finally got the chance to start my Masters of Science in Aesthetic Medicine, Anti-aging & Regenerative Medicine.

I ‘think’ i did fine – and i ‘think’ I’ve still got it all under control.

So let me share with you my journey.



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