Guys, did you just mess up with your lady ?

So i was driving to work today morning , at the odd hours of 6am and was listening to a particular radio station , which had a very interesting topic of discussion – How do guys make-up to their lady after messing up big time?

I found this very interesting, only because there were listeners who called in to say the best solution was – flowers & chocolates/food !


Maybe when I was in high school or in Standard 6 , yes the most amazing thing a boyfriend could do was buy flowers – just so we could show if off to our girlfriends and brag a little too. But you buy me flowers today, i would say ‘OK thanks,but why spend money on killing these beautiful flowers?’. Sorry but I’m just not a flower kinda person. Chocolates? Obviously the worst thing to buy,when you know your lady is trying to loose weight (which every lady claims to be doing even if they looked undernourished). So avoid those chocolates please – unless you’re very sure your lady can eat a whole box of chocolates!

A nice candle light dinner – yeah! For me that would be a YES. Good food,good music and good drinks with my man – is a BIG yes! Or you can just opt for a Handbag – another big YES!

I’m not saying all this, because this is what my man does when he messes up with me. Nope. He doesn’t do any of these. None of the above! (the flowers come maybe once in a year) For him, the safest way is the same line he’s used for years – “But B , i really love you so much!!”

Guys, it’s really easy to mess up with your lady.Simply because we’re super-sensitive & were born to be emotional-dramatic Queens! We love to be the Romeo & Juliet couple ,and be pampered all the time.And not to forget, you guys got to remember all these days:

  1. The first day you laid eyes on her.
  2. The first day you spoke to her.
  3. The day you said ‘I love You’
  4. The day you started dating as a couple.
  5. The day you had your first kiss.
  6. The day you got on your knees and she said YES.
  7. The Wedding Day (obviously!!)
  8. The day you conceived your child (YES I’m not joking)
  9. Her Birthday! (If you forget this day , you can just hand her the knife yourself)


But honestly guys , we ladies can be so dramatic & annoying – that even we don’t remember all the days above,BUT we still want YOU to remember them! It’s just a lady thing.

But my question to all men – Why do you stop being that nice romantic guy when you finally get the lady?? And that’s were you guys mess up all the time. Lets be honest here guys , you know what i mean right?

Lets go back to my favorite example – my hubby! (Sorry baby). He was just overloaded with romantic gestures during the 6 years he was trying for me, and it didn’t stop even while we started dating. I use to think he was just impossible to believe. Then we got married , and after 2 months the real colors came alive (in his case-the red,yellow & green.If you know what i mean). Today he would rather buy dinner from the food stalls and eat at home,instead of a nice romantic dinner on a Friday night. Valentines Day – no big deal! The day we started dating – obviously cant remember!

Than it comes back to his favorite line – “But B , I really love you so much!!”

Yes I would admit – I am super emotional and can get very dramatic! Especially,after being a Mother & the ‘Home-Manager’. But isn’t every lady? Please correct me if I’m wrong. Yes we are Mothers ,and our children are the pillars of our life.But at the end of the day, we too are just ‘normal emotional gals’ wanting some attention back.

So NO, we don’t want any flowers or chocolates; but just a whole lot of attention.



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