Are you “fasting” to lose weight?

Is “fasting” the best way to lose weight, or how some call it ‘Detox’ their body??
Will fasting for a few days clean my system and make me healthier?

The truth: Probably Not.

Many people turn to weight loss/fasting programmes using laxative teas, shakes, water and even enemas.
The truth is – fasting can be harmful to your body. It can cause toxins released from your fat tissue,at the same time depriving your body of nutrients your immune system needs to destroy them.
Prolonged fast can lead to muscle loss,or kidney and liver damage.

Energy deprived due to fasting?? Did you skip your breakfast? Bad choice.
Studies have shown that you’ll  be more alert through out the day if you had your breakfast, and include some proteins like egg,peanut butter or yogurt cause they increase alertness. Stock up in your Vitamin B – cause they help convert food to energy. And never forget to hydrate yourself,and get that much needed sleep at night 😉

So enjoy a good healthy meal today,and get a boost of energy !!


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