My Gold Ladder

After 31 years of my life, I can pretty much say I’ve been through many ups & downs in my dramatic life – and I know there are many more surprises ahead. NO i wasn’t born with a golden spoon in my mouth – cause my parents thought me how to live a normal life. I did the housework, ironed the clothes, swept the house after coming back from school, mopped the house on my Saturday mornings & helped my Mum cook dinner every evening before starting on my school homework. Pretty normal life to me.

From a very young age, I always admired my mothers strength. She was a very strong and determined woman who never gave up. She had her own career,while taking care of her 3 daughters. Having a full-time career never made her any less of a mother. She thought me values of life, she sat with me while I studied for exams, she thought me how to cook, she’s heard me cry a million times, she takes me for lunch & shopping on her days off, and she’s made me the lady I am today. So if she can do all this, why cant I .

She’s the reason today I drive myself with determination and energy to concur my world!

College life was never easy for me, only cause I didn’t have the life I wanted. My dream job was to become a Lawyer, and maybe an Interior Designer as a side hobby 😉 But since I was only given 3 options,which were – 1.Doctor,  2.Doctor and 3.Doctor – obviously you kinda figured which I choose eventually! Yes I thought I had the ‘fighting’ skills to kick a*# as a lawyer – but I guess being a doctor got to ‘tame’ me down a little. After 6 and a half years of service as a doctor,I finally decided to kick some a*#  & do something I had a passion for.

So since I couldn’t be an Interior Designer – designing a face wasn’t to bad either 😉 #AestheticMedicine

Yes I can be very stubborn & demanding – but only because I’m determined to get what I want. If I have to fight and break a 100 walls to get to my ‘treasure box’ – I will do it!! No I don’t believe in giving up, and no I don’t believe in giving in either. I will take the risk of my own decisions – and that’s what I have learned the hard way.

That could get me into a lot of trouble – but what is life without taking the risk !!

***Now you know why I wanted to be a lawyer!

Over the past few years- I have been back-stabbed,cheated, disrespected and lost a whole lot in my life. And it’s the worst feeling, when the ones who did it were people close to me. I’ve made many decisions in life – that were pretty much not in favour by some. But i’ve finally chosen my right LADDER.

It was a tough journey and I had loads of energy drained out of me – but today I look at it as a lesson learned in life. A very expensive lesson of course.

I know there are many like me out there,especially mothers,who are still striving to achieve their dreams. Yes I am 31 years old – and I’m still not at the top of my ladder. I have wasted many years living another persons dream – and what did I get out of that??? Makes me wonder. But it also doesn’t mean I have to keep falling down my ladder. I picked myself up,put on my shoes & went right back up my ladder.

Each step up the ladder,I may have to take 5 steps behind first. And if that has to happen, than I’ll learn to appreciate my one step up the ladder a whole lot more.

Never depend on anyone, or blame anyone if you have fallen down your own ladder. It’s your ladder, and if you have fallen – there are only 4 reasons for it ;

1.  You weren’t careful enough while climbing.

2. Your shoes were to slippery.

3. You allowed someone to push you down.


4. You just choose the wrong ladder,which was broken.

Either ways – It’s your fault.

So pick yourself up, put on your right shoes, choose the right ladder & kick those who try to pull you down !!

Get inspired today,and never give up on your #GoldLadder .



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