What are your Christmas traditions?

With christmas just around the corner,everyone has started looking into their “christmas traditions” or more like their christmas routines.

Christmas for me was always about the christmas trees,christmas movies and the decorations. Yes we always had a christmas tree at home during my younger days, but my mum never allowed us to open the gifts until New Years Day ! Her reasoning was because we don’t celebrate christmas, but we do celebrate New Year 🙂 Fair enough ! So we made it into a New Years tradition .

After I got married , as Christmas was celebrated on a big scale on my husbands side, I was more than happy to jump into the spirit of Christmas 🙂 But since it was only the 2 of us at our household that time, we didn’t really get into the details of christmas. However now with my little Princess around, Christmas has become a BIG must in our household. Our christmas tree has sat long enough till the month of Valentines too. Not kidding ! Our ‘tradition’ is every year I would allow her to choose the theme of the christmas tree, and Mummy will work around it. We have done a purple theme(of course when she was much younger and didn’t know the existence of characters) , and last year was a ‘Frozen’ theme (like duh!). So this year i asked her what theme she wanted, and she told me “Mummy, I want a blue and pink colour tree, and has to look like cute candies or like Little Ponies “. Now seriously. The themes keep getting longer and longer by the years.

So, of course that is exactly what Mummy dearest did ! Wallaaah!


And of course, than there is the Christmas presents and the new christmas clothes; where one present is ‘NOT ENOUGH MUMMY’!! So being a typical mummy with only one child, you get multiple presents because ‘it’s just ONE child right’!! And of course christmas clothes for her is all sorted out, but mine would probably be pulled out of the closet the day before christmas! Very typical !

But now comes to my question, “What is your Christmas tradition?”. I don’t think we personally have a ‘fixed’ tradition for christmas. But a few days ago,we had watched the new short movie from Disney –  “Olaf’s Frozen Adventure”, and it got me thinking ‘what is our tradition for christmas?’. Do you have one?

Please do share with me, what is your tradition? And i’m open to ideas, and anything that I can do with my 4year old daughter during this festive session. I don’t wanna make it just about christmas trees and christmas gifts; but more on activities I can teach my child at this growing age to learn.

Thanks a bunch ! Hope to hear your opinions and happenings 🙂

-The Aesthetic Mum-


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