I sat for hours wondering how do i start this page ‘About’ me.

Do i tell you everything , or do i tell you just the good stuff?

Than i figured; i was gonna tell you what i would tell my ‘best friend’ about me.

My life began in 1983, when i was born as the youngest daughter to my Mother. Yes i was the youngest. But never fancied the title of the ‘youngest’ , cause you know you were the one who was gonna get bullied yet ‘claimed’ by the whole world to be the ‘pampered’ one at home. I was never a straight-A student , and i’m not ashamed to say it. Was a quiet girl in school,didn’t have many friends & would rather have lunch alone. Loved arts (even won a few art competitions) , was in the Netball team, a small time athlete, in the choir team, and eventually became a Prefect in high school!

Got into Medical school with no other options given,and survived my whole MBBS life only because of my backbone – my Mother. When i lost my Mother in 2009 due to cancer , i lost my whole world. Not only did i loose my Mother, but also my best friend & my strength.But after 5 years, i still believe i have come this far today because of her blessings & guidance.

Than came the Don.After 6 years of friendship, i fell in love with my best friend. Who also coincidentally became my mom’s ‘new friend’ in that 6 years. She never understood why i was just his ‘friend’ and not his ‘girlfriend’. But when the time came & i found my soul-mate , i could only wish she was around for me to tell her – that now I’m his ‘WIFE’.


Am i good wife? I better be! Nobody told me when you become a wife – you automatically become the ‘Home-Manager’. This is the time you find out that your husband is a mess-freak,and you suddenly display severe symptoms of OCD. Yes i love my husband – but i also love my bed to be set throughout the day & my kitchen sink to be spotless.

I’m not only married to Sasi , but also to Sasi The Don – which makes many people ask me “How did you’ll meet? I mean.. you’ll come from the opposite ends; like you’re a doctor and he’s in the entertainment & advertising industry ”  And then i wonder- Did they teach me in Medical school that i can only marry a doctor & should only spend my  life with a doctor? – Oh well, i must have skipped that class than. I wonder why.

Next came my precious Angel. In this 1 year,she has taught me more than i have learned in my 30 years of life.Pregnancy was a 9-month crazy-roller-coaster ride for me.But today when i look at her innocent face & mischievous smile – I know i would do anything in this world for her. #ShanaiyaLakshmi


Now,back to being a part-time student – Masters in Aesthetic Medicine,Anti-aging & Regenerative Medicine is my next achievement.

Now who said being a Doctor, Wife , Mum , Student & Home-Manager was not possible.



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