My Journey as a Stay At Home Mum!

Hello , and welcome back to my Little World. As you have noticed, I was MIA for nearly a year - no sight & sound of me! Where have I been?? What have I been up to?? Nothing much actually!! Due to domestic 'nanny' issues, and while waiting for a new nanny to come aboard … Continue reading My Journey as a Stay At Home Mum!


Do you Forgive or Forget ?

Has anyone ever told you -  "Be the better person and forgive them for their deeds" ; and you go 'seriously?' Is it seriously that easy to forgive someone who has repeatedly mistreated,disrespected & hurt you? Lets not talk about the person who accidentally pushed you on the bus, or the lady you had to … Continue reading Do you Forgive or Forget ?

My Mother’s Strength

It's one of those days when you sit around and wonder - how different would things be if my Mum was around? Would she be here with me right now? Would she have guided me to become a better mother? Would she have thought me how to be a strong wife? Would she have showered … Continue reading My Mother’s Strength


Guys, did you just mess up with your lady ?

So i was driving to work today morning , at the odd hours of 6am and was listening to a particular radio station , which had a very interesting topic of discussion - How do guys make-up to their lady after messing up big time? I found this very interesting, only because there were listeners … Continue reading Guys, did you just mess up with your lady ?